Tuesday, June 5, 2012

. homesick .

currently listening to riaFM. the misteri jam12 segment never fail of making me afraid of my own shadow. and it makes me feel closer to home too.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

. talking tom .

This is very hilarious. Have you guys ever played with this funny cat? The name’s Tom. The apps name is ‘Talking Tom’. Haha. Ok la I admit that am so jakun, but still, I think everybody in the whole wide world should try talking to Tom at least once. He’s very funny, you know. He will repeat every single thing you said using his funny voice. Kalau you cakap benda yang tak kelakar like ‘nak tido’, ‘lapar ke?’, etc, it’ll still sounds funny when he repeats it. Haha. See, I can’t even stop laughing. Go and try la to anyone of you out there yang tak pernah cuba lagi. Totally entertaining and amusing even my nephew can’t never get enough of him. Owh one more thing, try to slap him repeatedly coz he will faint and then there is this one dog will come and pour a pail of water on Tom nanti dia akan bangun semula. Haha. And beware, never touch his tail. He hates it. Hahaha.

It's Tom everyone. The funny Tom

As for the dog, I think his name is ‘Ben’. And ‘Ben’ also got his own apps called ‘Talking Ben’. I’m in the middle of downloading ‘Talking Ben’. Shall see how funny Ben is compared to Tom. Later I will buat entry on ‘Talking Ben’. Hahaha. Laugh, laugh, laugh all the way.

And this is Ben. Looks like he's having his own good time there.

till then.

. kitty kat .

I've been thinking of adopting a kitten from this one friend of mine. She got like 5 kitties now and they are all so huggable.

Introducing 'hellboy' everybody. *hehe*. wut a super duper cute kitty isn't he

That's hellboy with his 2 other brothers (they're brothers I guess). The one at the top is Tutti and the other one is Soukky. The sleepy Soukky. He's actually sleepy but refused to sleep as he wants to join the others playing.

But still I'm a bit confused whether to adopt this cute little 'living thing' or not, you know. Yela. You'll surely need to feed them well, bathe them, or to make it short, you really have to treat them like treating your own baby which am sure not as easy as it sounds. Nak cuba-cuba pun takut coz u're playing with their life. But I just can't resist the cuteness. Haha. But nevermind la. Will see how it goes these few days. Kalau memang rasa tempting sangat2 nak bela, then I'll just go for it. Or else, biar je la hellboy stay dengan current owner because I know ramai lagi yang suka hellboy ni. 

On the other story, am safely arrived at JB around 9pm just now. Balik kampung dengan paksarela since there are few tasks which need my full supervision. I always wanted to avoid giving last minute tasks or instructions. Tapi kalau da terpaksa, there's nothing much I can do. Sometimes in life, you gotta sacrifice lots of stuffs just to make sure that all the people around you are happy. Walaupun kadang2 you sendiri pun tak happy and you sendiri sakit or suffer. But that's life. *Sigh*.

Tomorrow we're going to have Mother's Day celebration. My sis and I will be taking mom and mak long to Persada Convention Centre for the 'Mother's Day You're Special' event with special appearance by Sharifah Aini. Mom loves her so much that am sure she will enjoy every moment of it. Will make an entry on that. Ok am getting more excited. Huhu.

Think I better move now.

till then.

Friday, May 18, 2012

. happy teacher`s day, cekgu .

it was the teacher`s few days back and yeah, got a chance to send the teacher`s day wishes to some of the teachers on fb. cool heh.